Mommy money management or the lack thereof..

Sigh, it’s time to get real with my fiscally irresponsible self… Before I ever got pregnant, I took GREAT pride in being independent, financially stable, and mature. Naturally, my financial stability was based on me supporting just MYSELF; so when I peed on that stick and it turned positive less

Homeless And Pregnant?!

Happy Friday & welcome back for more of the tea! ☕  If you didn’t read my blog post last Friday, “21 & pregnant?!” you totally should! Not only because it’s entertaining, but also because this post is a continuation of that post and while you CAN jump in on this


People are having children before they accomplish their educational/professional goals all the time nowadays. Some accidentally and some on purpose; regardless, lots of these families have a very rough road of time management ahead! I can attest to that first hand. A little background about my situation; we weren’t planning

New Year: Same me. Still Crunchy!

Happy New Year everyone! It is a great thing indeed to be able to see the ending of one year and beginning of a new one; another opportunity to be happy, lively freely, and enjoy life! I for one tend to shy away from the “new year, new me” mentality

“Tired as Mother” doesn’t even scratch the surface!

Y’all 😩 the past couple of days have been so mentally and physically DRAINING and FRUSTRATING that I’m pretty sure I should be in tears, but my head hurts and my blood pressure is low because I’m dehydrated because I still breastfeed my 2 year old and my throat hurts

Black Breastfeeding Week!

  Today is the LAST day of Black Breastfeeding Week for this year and while I am very sad to say goodbye, I am very optimistic that all of the posts full of knowledge, love, and SUPPORT will have had a positive and meaningful impact on the breastfeeding community! Not

What’s a good bed time for children?

Last week, my god-mother tagged me in a picture on Facebook that detailed the time that you’re children should be going to bed from “sleep-trained” baby to graduation. I didn’t save the picture because I’m slow, but if I recall correctly, it started at like 6pm for a baby and
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